Saturday, 21 March 2009

DFC Superhero Supersavers

Vampanda says "Save the DFC!" why not send us your own drawing of a superhero supersaver to save the amazing DFC. The more the merrier. I'll try and figure out a neat gallery later today

send them here ... or post them to flickr with the keyword "savetheDFC" [this finally appears to work, flickr just takes a little while to display them...]


  1. As a DFC subscriber from the beginning I am traumatised by only finding out this news this morning! I subscribe for my 7 yr old son (and for myself of course) and he gets so excited on Fridays and immerses himself in each issue for hours.
    I am amazed though that not many people at his school had ever heard of it!
    Maybe the promoting could have been done better - through schools even.
    I am racking my brains and checking my bank account to think of things to do to help!
    Will be back later!

    Lesley & Ted

  2. Lesley & Ted

    thanks for your comments.... if somehow this whole crazy thing works out, I think that it would be possible to get the DFC much better known.

  3. I wonder what happened with the Tesco experiment?? I never did hear anything about it... did it sell? did anyone find it? Did DFC get many more subscriptions as a result?? I assume not. Also it must be a bit odd to find a new title in the store, only to find out you've missed so many issues!

    It was a brave decision to go with the 'mail only' distribution, but it did leave it to just those of us 'in the know' plus any word of mouth... Kids love spotting things in shops, and i'm sure having it in the high street would have helped... but the cost of getting it in there was also a problem...

    I just hope you can save the DFC!

    good luck


  4. Best of luck for your campaign from Bloghorn - for the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation

  5. Do we know high the mountain we need to climb is yet?

    I can't help thinking that even if we can raise enough pledges to buy the DFC, finding enough cash to run it may be the real problem.

    Any chance that with our pledges, we could buy 50% of the DFC from Randon House with RH remaining a 51% shareholder (but with us having the 1st option to buy the rest) and keeping the comic going? Just imagine the value of the publicity RH could generate if the supporters of the DFC help to keep it going!

  6. Patrick I am part of the way to knowing the size of the mountains. As you point out, it's the second peak that is going to be the real challenge and in many ways is the one that we need to address. If the dfc was already viable random house would not be selling however I think that if the dfc were given greater exposure it could be made very viable. How to get greater exposure is, of course the challenge.

  7. Very keen to support this (financially). My daughter loves the DFC (and we travelled from Scotland to the fantastic launch last May).

    I can't persuade the site to send an email. Please could you provide an alternative route (e.g. is it OK to text)?

  8. I think there may be an issue with the javascript I use to stop getting spammed!

    savethedfc @ barnabygunning dot com

    Should do the trick. But otherwise text me a pledge with your email address and I'll email you back


  9. Quick thought - some successful authors have been involved in the DFC including:
    - Jacqueline Wilson
    - Philip Pullman

    and of course there are some other potential benefactors with a well documented love of comics including:
    - Paul McCartney

    Does anybody (perhaps at Random House) know how to contact them to ask for their support?

  10. Your best bet is to go via their agents. But don't hold out *too* much hope as demands on their time will be almost non-stop as it is!

  11. I also wonder if it could be sold through selected bookshops rather than newsagents? I am happy with the subscription way but obviously hardly anyone knows about it. The only reason I chanced upon it was a feature on Radio 4 that I could have easily missed!
    Is there any further news from Random House?